Effectiveness of LANAP Laser Gum Surgery

Effectiveness of LANAP Laser Gum Surgery

Mar 01, 2022

We are frequently asked questions by patients experiencing gum problems about the LANAP technology we use. The questions include how elective the LANAP Laser is, how it works, and compares to more traditional treatments. The questions are good, and some of the answers are actually in the name LANAP. The name stands for Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure.

The new attachment refers to how the laser treatment motivates the branch of your healthy gum tissues to the jawbone and mouth. The new attachment is essential in treating gum or periodontal disease. This is because gum disease results from an infection in the gums or the regular attachments being damaged. Also, when your teeth become loose.

Traditionally treating this problem during periodontal treatment takes a long time, as it relies on gum healing naturally. However, when our dentist in Kennewick, WA, uses LANAP to help treat gum issues, bringing about some benefits. The laser creates new attachments by refreshing your healthy gum tissues and improving the rate at which your gum is healing.

We proudly say that we are LANAP certified at the A Family Dental Center. So, when you visit us with gum disease, you’ll be treated by qualified and experienced professional dentists who will use the most current laser technologies available.

LANAP for Gum Surgery

The traditional way used to treat gum disease is called osseous surgery. During this surgery at the dental office, your dentist uses scalpels to eliminate the diseased gum tissues. They’ll then focus on any infected pockets in the gums or the bone and surgically remove them.

Afterward, they’ll use sutures to reshape the gums around your teeth without the pockets. This is usually an effective procedure. However, it is more invasive, has a lengthy recovery period, and can lead to pain and discomfort during healing.

LANAP is used in treating gum tissues. It eliminates the darker affected gum tissue with a high light frequency. The laser helps in killing any present bacteria in the mouth. This helps encourage the growth of new tissues in the mouth and speed up the healing process.

Applying LANAP laser will help the patient in experiencing minor trauma during the removal of the diseased gum tissues than during osseous surgery. It also helps restore healthy tissue and a better path towards healing.

Effectiveness of LANAP

When you undergo the LANAP procedure, you’ll experience some positive results. You’ll have less tooth loss after laser surgery as compared to the traditional one. It also increases new attachments of tissues between the bone and gum after treatment. LANAP procedure aid in gum recreation too for patients with periodontal disease.

LANAP for periodontal diseases serves a long-term success. Patients who get their LANAP procedure from our dentistry in Kennewick, 99336, show less recurrence of their gum disease over a long time than patients treated with traditional surgery. Going for laser gum surgery near you ensures that the roots of your teeth and the bone are protected from future infections and get rid of bacteria that cause gum disease. Also, patients of LANAP get an easy time with dental care remedies and are advised on ways to prevent gum disease in the future.

Does LANAP Help Regrow Gum and Bone?

LANAP may perhaps regrow the gum and bone but not exactly regrow them. It instead creates the perfect conditions to speed your regenerative healing process naturally.

There is no sewing and cutting during LANAP to recover from, so healing the tissues will be much easier. The laser applied helps in sterilizing the area leading to better recovery. The light frequency leads to quicker growth of the new tissue in bone and gums treated. There’s some clinical evidence shown for bone regeneration after using LANAP for periodontal disease. Scientists are still doing their research for the understanding of complete regeneration.

However, if you’re suffering from severe periodontal disease, you can go for guided bone regeneration.

LANAP treatment gives a turnaround dental experience to patients with gum disease. In addition, it offers ready solutions to problems that were deemed untreatable traditionally.

It is recommended that you go for laser gum surgery if you suffer from gum disease. The treatment will help you get over the pain and discomfort associated with periodontal disease.