Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding in Kennewick, WA

Have a cracked, chipped, or badly stained tooth? All of these can be corrected using dental bonding. Composite resin is applied to the crack or space to cover up the defect. It’s a cosmetic procedure with no curative or medical effects on the tooth it’s applied to.

We offer dental bonding here at A Family Dental Center. If you’re in Kennewick and looking for a way to cover up a chipped tooth, we’re here to help.

Dental Bonding Advantages

Dental bonding is a great cosmetic option that is also very cheap. It’s considered one of the cheapest dental procedures for cosmetic purposes. The composite resin can also be applied entirely in a single visit.

A conditioning gel is applied to roughen the tooth, and then we add the resin. To make it adhere, we expose it to UV light for hardening. That’s it, and you can then go home. Veneers and crowns, on the other hand, require a second visit to the office.

The teeth that need composite resin for cosmetic purposes don’t need to be modified or adjusted too much. Other techniques will require some tooth removal as part of the procedure. If you’re looking to preserve as much of your teeth as possible, then dental bonding is a great option.

Dental Bonding Disadvantages

There are disadvantages to dental bonding, though, or it would be the best treatment option. For starters, the composite resin used is liable for staining. Alternatively, veneers and crowns are less likely to stain over time.

The composite resin isn’t very strong or resilient either. It’ll probably need to be replaced within a short amount of time. A short time in dentistry is a few years. Veneers and crowns, on the other hand, can last over five years if you take good care of them.

To avoid staining your bonding, take good care of your oral hygiene. Avoid drinks that stain teeth like coffee and tea. Cigarettes should also be avoided as much as possible.

Dental bonding is simple and considered a quick fix. It’s a great cosmetic option that we would gladly provide here at A Family Dental Center.