Happy Family with healthy tooth help of visit a General dentistry

General Dentistry in Kennewick, WA

More than likely, you subject your teeth to substances like sugars that encourage plaque. While a dentist always encourages patients to floss on a routine basis, this doesn’t always happen. Therefore, plaque builds up in between the teeth. Unfortunately, you might not always brush as well as you should. This is yet another reason for plaque buildup.

For these reasons and others, you must seek out care from a dentist for cleanings and other preventive measures. We encourage our patients at A Family Dental Center to seek out the care of a dentist twice per year for general dentistry near you.

Preventive Dental Procedures

One vital component of general dentistry in Kennewick is preventive dental care, which consists of a dentist near you performing procedures that prevent issues in the future. For instance, our dentist provides you with a thorough cleaning using a dental-grade toothpaste and a high-powered toothbrush. Our hygienist will take tools to scrape plaque from your teeth if necessary. Additionally, you have the option to receive fluoride – a mineral that strengthens your teeth to protect against cavities.

If you have gum disease, our dentist may recommend a deeper cleaning known as scaling and planing. During this procedure, our dentist uses tools to remove plaque and other debris underneath your gumline. Additionally, our practitioner thoroughly cleans your teeth and around your gumline.

As part of general dentistry near you, our dentist performs routine x-rays. Through this imaging, our dentist gets a glimpse of the inside of your teeth to evaluate them for cavities.

General Dentistry Procedures

If you visit our office for general dentistry in Kennewick, our practitioner will evaluate your teeth for cavities, abscesses, and other dental issues. You may receive a filling, crown, or root canal to correct your dental issues. General dentistry near you includes extractions, dentures, and bridges as well. During your visit, our dentist provides you with education to help you take care of your teeth at home.