Dr. Andrew Mohlman

Dr. Andrew Mohlman

Dr. Andrew Mohlman is a caring, experienced general dentist. He and his lovely wife, Rachel and their six children, have loved living in Kennewick, WA, for nearly 15 years. A graduate from BYU and The Ohio State University, Dr. Mohlman has provided comprehensive diagnostic and clinical expertise to patients of all ages, from infants to seniors.

As a local expert in diagnosing and treating tongue and lip ties in breastfeeding infants, he has helped many mothers and infants improve that crucial aspect of early development. We have the option of treating young children and teenagers that need extensive work or wisdom teeth removal with full IV sedation.

Dr. Mohlman can help those that suffer from TMJ disorder with therapeutic botox injections, trigger point needling, and custom nightguards. Through extensive training, Dr. Mohlman can treat the most challenging cases of gum disease and gum recession through the latest breakthrough techniques LANAP laser gum surgery and Pinhole Surgical Technique to reverse gum recession. With over a decade of experience placing dental implants, Dr. Mohlman now uses 3D cone-beam technology to plan safe and accurate implant placement.

We provide the latest all-natural regenerative procedure, Platelet Rich Fibrin, where the patient's own blood is drawn, centrifuged, and re-injected or applied with Microneedling to regenerate a more youthful appearance in the face and lips. Dr. Mohlman is constantly striving to provide his patients with the best of care and consistent follow-up.

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