Exams & Cleanings

Exams & Cleanings in Kennewick, WA

Our dentists at A Family Dental Center in Kennewick recommend a routine dental exam and cleaning at least once every six months. Like visiting your primary care physician, a trip to the dentist is essential to your overall oral health. These visits are essential to proper mouth care and also serve as a preventative measure against oral health problems.

Your Routine Dental Exam & Cleaning

During this routine appointment, you’ll be seen and examined by your dentist as well as by one of our skilled dental hygienists.

Your dentist will be looking for abnormalities in the structure of your teeth, bite, and jaw. They will also check for signs of other health issues like gum disease and oral cancer.

The other half of your visit will consist of oral prophylaxis, or the teeth cleaning. A dental hygienist will perform this. In a process known as scaling, they will gently scrape away at your teeth to remove tartar and plaque build-up. Excess plaque, a film of bacteria on the surfaces of your teeth, can turn into tartar, which can accelerate your risk of certain mouth diseases.

At the end of your cleaning, your teeth will be delicately polished for a smooth and incredibly clean feeling.

Should your dentist or dental hygienist identify any problems in your mouth, they will help you explore treatment options and start a plan for future procedures.

Between Dental Exams and Cleanings

Your oral health is also dependent upon how well you take care of your teeth and gums at home. You can help prevent tooth decay, cavities, and other unpleasant diseases with good oral hygiene and an efficient at-home mouth care routine.

Make sure you are brushing at least twice per day with toothpaste that contains fluoride. Fluoride is highly effective in the prevention of tooth decay and cavities. Thorough flossing should also be done every day, as well as using a mouth wash. These are both essential for managing plaque bacteria.

By taking excellent care of your teeth at home, you’ll reduce the need to visit us at A Family Dental Center more frequently than twice yearly.

You can trust the experts at A Family Dental Center in Kennewick. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality oral healthcare.