Advantages of Immediate Dental Implant Placement

Advantages of Immediate Dental Implant Placement

Apr 01, 2022

Dental implants have helped replace missing teeth for over four decades, delivering aesthetically pleasing results compared to removable or fixed partial dentures. In reality, dental implants success rivals that of fixed partials. Unfortunately, many dental offices and patients have avoided implants because of the lengthy treatment process requiring multiple visits to dentists over an entire year in some cases.

Thankfully an increasing number of dental offices are currently utilizing same-day dental implant placement with immediate loading. The immediate loading technique is beneficial both for dentists and patients because they reduce the number of visits required and shorten the time needed for patients to have their implants placed.

What Is the Feature of Immediate Implant Placement and Loading?

Before implants are inserted, any remaining teeth, if existent, need removal. The immediate implant placement procedure entails placing the implant immediately after tooth removal. It indicates implant placement occurs in a fresh tooth socket. Dental implant success has increased dramatically over the years when utilizing this procedure.

Placing a restoration within 48 hours after implant placement is the procedure for immediate loading. However, the establishment of primary stability is essential to apply the technique. Therefore, the acronym for quick loading is immediate function.

Benefits for Patients and Dentists with Quick Dental Implant Placement

The demand for faster treatment from patients encouraged dental professionals to develop the techniques for immediate implant placement and loading. In addition, patients expressed reluctance to spend months or more displaying gaps in their mouths to seek the immediate dental implant placement procedure from the Kennewick dentist, providing them with a solution to hide the gaps in their mouths.

Patients alone did not benefit from the immediate load procedure because it also allowed dentists to satisfy patient’s desires not to display gaps in their mouths immediately after having a tooth extracted. Besides the above, the immediate load procedure benefited dentists and patients tremendously by delivering:

  • Shortened Treatment Time:the introduction of restorations soon after tooth extraction significantly reduced the overall treatment time than earlier.
  • Predictable Results:Patients desire predictable results with any dental procedure. The use of the quick load procedure from dental implants in Kennewick, WA, reduces the risks of additional surgical procedures from complications such as resorbed ridges that might arise during dental visits.
  • Simplified Procedures:Patients experienced a simplified procedure because any preparation needed to occur before applying the technique.
  • Patient Satisfaction:the immediate dental implant placement procedure required patients to undergo merely one dental process to achieve the desired aesthetic results faster. The system also improved patient’s post-operative experience because they no longer had to endure multiple surgeries.
  • USP for Dental Practices:Promoting immediate dental implant placement and loading proved as a unique selling point for the surgical dentist in Kennewick, WA, to set their dental practice apart from the rest.

Factors to Consider before Immediate Dental Implant Placement and Loading

Patients and dentists must both consider various factors before utilizing the immediate load dental implant placement and loading similar to any other dental procedure. A few things can influence the outcome of the treatment. However, these are not merely relevant to the immediate implant procedure and apply to any implant treatment. The factors to consider include proper treatment planning ahead of time, bone quality and density, initial stability, accurate implant placement, allowing adequate healing time after the procedure besides careful patient selection.

Choosing the appropriate dental implant system is essential to the long-term success of immediate dental implant placement with loading. Patients approaching the Kennewick dentist receive state-of-the-art dental implants besides other products to close gaps in their mouths soon after having teeth removed or trying to replace missing teeth.

The immediate load procedure provides patients with replacements for their extracted or missing teeth immediately without having to wait for weeks or months before they can close the edentulous gaps in their mouth. The procedure doesn’t require multiple visits to dental offices because dentists provide replacement teeth immediately after embedding the dental implant. However, patients must remember the replacement teeth provided immediately are temporary and need replacements sometime later when the dental implant has integrated with the jawbone. Besides the temporary inconvenience of getting the temporary teeth replaced, patients can continue using the replacement teeth they received immediately after tooth removal, like their natural teeth.

Patients needing stable tooth replacements immediately with dental implants can schedule an appointment with A Family Dental Center to discuss immediate load dental implant and artificial teeth in a single appointment at the dentist’s office.