101 On Smoothlase Facial Rejuvenation

101 On Smoothlase Facial Rejuvenation

Feb 02, 2022

Your skin is like a canvas. It can speak volumes regarding your health, lifestyle, and even age. The truth of the matter is, no matter how well you take care of your skin, the effects of aging will show at some point.

Skin issues such as sagging facial skin, wrinkles, and lines can alter your appearance and, in turn, affect your confidence and self-esteem. Everyone longs to look their best, and a terrific way to do so is to have flawless, healthy, and radiant-looking skin.

Facial wrinkles and lines set in because, over time, your skin loses collagen, forcing it to sag and look older. However, the fantastic news is that you can get your flawless, radiant, and youthful skin back.

You can achieve this by undergoing facial rejuvenation treatment at our cosmetic dentistry in Kennewick. We offer an excellent facial rejuvenation treatment as part of our cosmetic dental treatment known as the Smoothlase Facial Rejuvenation treatment.

The Smoothlase facial rejuvenation treatment has proven to be a phenomenal facial rejuvenation treatment. So what really is the Smoothlase facial rejuvenation treatment all about? Let’s take a detailed glimpse into this facial treatment beginning with details and how it works.

Smoothlase Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

If you are interested in getting firmer and radiant-looking skin but do not wish to go under the knife, the Smoothlase facial treatment is what you need. This facial treatment offers our patients a non-invasive alternative to achieving firmer and younger-looking skin.

Smoothlase is a non-invasive laser skin treatment designed to increase and boost collagen production, particularly around the mouth and cheeks, where skin crease and wrinkles appear with time.

This facial rejuvenation treatment utilizes the Fotona LightWalker laser system used in other cosmetic dental treatment procedures. The laser is applied from the inside of the mouth to firm the tissue around the mouth and cheeks. The laser generates heat that promotes collagen regeneration and production within the targeted region.

The Fotona LightWalker laser is designed with a grid-like pattern that can precisely target the skin tissues and bring about a noticeable increase in collagen production within the area being worked on.

This skin rejuvenation treatment can be utilized to treat and reverse the effects of aging within the following areas:

  • Cheeks
  • Chin
  • Mouth
  • Lips
  • Jawline area
  • Underneath the eyes

What Should You Anticipate During The Procedure?

This skin rejuvenation treatment can be referred to as an intraoral procedure. It is effective on patients who have mild or moderate facial sagging, lines, or wrinkles.

Our dentist will begin your procedure after determining that you qualify to undergo this procedure. You will be provided with some protective eyewear to wear during the duration of the treatment.

Ideally, your session will be about 30 minutes, and our dentist will apply the laser to the problematic areas you wish to address. You should know that this procedure is non-invasive, and you will therefore not need to undergo any form of sedation before the procedure.

If anything, you should expect to have a smooth and pain-free procedure with zero downtime after that. This means that you can opt to have this rejuvenation treatment done whenever you want because it will not affect your work performance or productivity the next day.

Some patients may experience mild sensitivity, tingling, swelling, and soreness after the treatment; however, this should last for only a few days, then you can wear your radiant skin without a glitch.

To get outstanding results, you may need to undergo several treatments that will be scheduled at least three weeks apart. This is because you need to ensure that the newly produced collagen forms before undergoing another round of treatment.

This procedure could be approximately $800 to $2400, depending on the number of sessions you will have to undergo to realize your desired results.

Effectiveness of the Treatment

The Smoothlase rejuvenation treatment is effective, particularly if used to remedy mild to moderate wrinkles, creases, lines, and sagging effects on the skin. The results are noticeable gradually and will last even longer than the results achieved using fillers.

For the treatment to be effective, you will have to undergo several procedures spaced out within three to four weeks each. With every treatment you undergo, your skin will look younger and radiant.

Benefits of the Smoothlase Treatment

  • Zero downtime after the procedure, which means you can carry on with your normal routine right after your treatment
  • Significant and noticeable changes on the skin are achieved
  • The results set in gradually and are not alarming, making it an inconspicuous skin rejuvenation treatment
  • It’s a non-invasive procedure which means there will be no need to undergo any form of surgery or sedation before the procedure

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