nhealthy Foods That Are Harmful To Your Dental Health

Unhealthy Foods That Are Harmful To Your Dental Health

Oct 01, 2021

You might be wondering how the food we eat can be dangerous to our dental health. Well, we use our teeth for chewing and our tongue is used for tasting and also helps food to get into the throat. With that being said, our oral cavity comes in first contact with the food we eat. It is no lie that eating unhealthy food can be harmful to our dental health and also our general health. Food is good for the body. However, eating food in the wrong way or eating the wrong food can be harmful.

Healthy foods are important in helping us maintain good dental health and overall health as well. Whatever comes into the body through the mouth has to be healthy.

Unhealthy foods can cause different kinds of dental diseases. Plaques and tartars can become very harmful when they continue to build up inside the teeth structure. A healthy mouth is very beneficial to the body. If there is a dental problem, the whole body is in trouble. This is because every part of the body especially the mouth needs to function well for the body to be healthy and whole.

Some people hit the gym regularly and some even go for general body checkups excluding a dental check-up. Does this mean that the mouth is not part of the body? It might interest you to know that some general health problems started from the mouth.

How Do I Take Good Care Of My Dental Health?

Caring for your dental structure is an important role. What are the ways by which you can give your dental structure the best care?

  • By brushing and flossing daily. Dentists advise that we brush our teeth at least twice daily. We shouldn’t also exclude flossing from the routine. When we floss our teeth, we can take out food particles that are stuck inside the teeth holes. We should floss our teeth once daily.
  • By eating healthy foods. Eating the right types of food gives us a higher chance of avoiding dental disease. Infections can stay in neat areas. It’s the same with your dental structure.
  • Schedule a regular check-up with your dentist. The best way to discover dental issues that haven’t worsened yet is true dental examinations. You can also get professional dental cleaning during dental checkups. You can see a dentist in Kennewick WA.
  • You can have a family dentist that knows about your dental health. This helps you keep track of your dental health. You can always visit a family dentist near you.

What Are The Unhealthy Foods That Can Be Harmful To My Dental Health?

You might not be able to stay away completely from some of these foods. However, you can limit the way you take such foods. There are also dental practices that you can use as guidelines after taking these foods. You can get more consultations from dental offices around you.

  • Sticky/hard candies: Even though some of us know about the consequences of eating too many gummy candies, some of us still eat them regularly. Staying away from sweet foods might not be hard. However, you shouldn’t take excess surgery foods. If you want something sweet, you can go for chocolates that don’t get stuck inside the teeth easily. Gummy candies often get stuck inside teeth holes. If they are not removed or washed away immediately, they can cause plaques to build up. Always brush your teeth immediately after eating candies.
  • Pasta: Pasta is the teeth’ worse enemy. Pasta doesn’t wash away easily and they get stuck to the teeth. For someone who doesn’t floss regularly, making pasta a favorite food can be dangerous to your dental health.
  • Bread: Why Bread? Well, this is because the starch in bread breaks down into sugar when you’re eating. Since the starch in bread breaks into sugar, if it sticks inside your teeth holes, it can cause tartars and plaques to form. You can eat whole wheat bread if you must eat bread. Whole wheat bread doesn’t contain too much sugar and starch.
  • Potato chips: just like how sticky candies glue to the teeth, potato chips can also play such roles. They can stick to the teeth and stay there for days. They don’t get washed away easily by saliva. The best way to combat particles from potato chips is to brush afterward.
  • Ice: Ice is not food. However, some people tend to see ice as food. Note that, although your teeth are strong to an extent, they are not made of iron and they can crack if you are not careful with them. When you continue to chew on hard substances for a long time, you can also cause your enamel (the outer surface of the teeth) to wear out easily thereby making your teeth over sensitive. This is because the enamel protects the teeth from feeling the impact of hot or cold foods. If you notice a sudden crack in your teeth, you should visit a dentist at 99336 or a dentist near you for emergency dental care.