5 Modern Dental Technologies that Make Your Visit Comfortable

5 Modern Dental Technologies that Make Your Visit Comfortable

Nov 08, 2021

Over the years, advances in technology have innovated digital tools to be used in dentistry. These tools are simple to use and make most dental procedures painless. They find applications in almost every dental procedure, and even better, they help to detect a dental problem before it occurs so that it can be prevented.

Modern-Day Dental Technologies Used by Dentists

Below are detailed examples of dental equipment that will make your visit to a dentist near you very comfortable and increase your chances of having successful oral procedures. These are:


This is a laser examination used in the early detection of decays. Early detections lead to simple treatment and will help you avoid other procedures like future teeth restoration. It is effective in detecting minute lesions at early stages. Diagnodent is a light-emitting device placed on the teeth and gives the dentist a digital read-out. Our dentist in 99336 will analyze the read-out to determine the presence of decay. The decay detected by this method will not easily be found using other methods.

This procedure requires no anesthesia and is radiation and pain-free, which makes it safe. It is suitable for every person. The decays that will be detected are:

  • Fissure and pit decay – found on the chewing surface.
  • Root decay – a cavity that occurs where the tooth and gum meet.
  • Smooth surface decay – this is when the enamel has been eaten away.

Digital X-rays and Radiography

This uses digital X-ray sensors to replace the X-ray films and produces an enhanced picture of the gums, teeth, and jaws. There are three methods used:

  • Direct method – applies an electronic sensor placed in the mouth to record images.
  • Indirect method – digital images are obtained using a scanner from traditional dental X-rays.
  • Semi-indirect methods – combines the sensor and scanner to obtain a digital film.

This method reveals decays in hidden areas like between teeth and below existing restorations, gum diseases, cysts, jawbone infections, and tumors. However, pregnant, nursing, and those that are trying to get pregnant should not be exposed to radiation.

Intra-Oral Cameras

It is a tool used in dental procedures. The device has cameras that take high-resolution images of your mouth and displays the images on a monitor. This tool replaces the dentist’s mirror. It has LED lights and a rotating camera with high zooming capabilities. Since images are displayed on a monitor, you will be able to discuss your oral health with our dentist since you can both see the images. The images will also be attached to your health records to make tracking any changes easier.

Laser Treatment (LANAP)

Laser offers a more comfortable way to address your dental problems involving soft and hard tissues. It replaces drills and other non-laser tools. The benefits of using a laser are that bleeding will be minimized, some procedures will require no anesthesia, no risk of bacterial infection since the laser sterilizes the wound area and causes less damage to the surrounding tissues.

Laser treatment will be used in the following procedure; cavity detection, dental filling, treating teeth sensitivity, crown whitening, removing tissue folds, TMJ treatment, treating obstructive sleep apnea, nerve regeneration, and treating cold sores.

However, laser treatment will not be used when you have certain types of filling, such as metal amalgam, and sometimes a drill will be used to complete fillings.

Laser treatment allows you to be treated with fewer appointments with our dentist.


This is a suction and retraction unit to be used in your appointment with our dentist. Isolite solves many dental frustrations that dentists deal with daily. It has a silicone mouthpiece to hold your mouth wide open, retract the tongue and guard your airways, providing an ideal working area. The vacuum suction decreases moisture and contaminants during the dental procedure. It makes your appointment with our dentist more productive and comfortable.

A Family Dental Center has a dentist in Kennewick, WA, who is skilled in the use of all this equipment. We also have a family dentist to treat you and your family. Book an appointment with our dentist, and you will be diagnosed to prevent any dental problem, and the existing ones will be treated.