The Battle against Cavities Receives Adequate Support from Fluoride Treatments

The Battle against Cavities Receives Adequate Support from Fluoride Treatments

Mar 02, 2021

Healthy teeth and gums are essential for your oral and overall health. Unfortunately, the bacteria in your mouth are continuously waging a battle against your teeth, trying to erode their enamel to form cavities. The bacteria receive adequate help from you when you have sugar and starchy foods, which they enjoy.

The presence of bacteria in your mouth is undoubtedly concerning, but dentists are fully aware of how to counter the bacteria effectively by providing in-office fluoride treatments. Fluoride treatments are safe and healthful to prevent tooth decay or reverse it. The treatments helped build healthy teeth to prevent holes. Fluoride has been an essential dental health treatment for decades.

Fluoride provides support to your teeth by battling the bacteria that harm your teeth and gums. A cavity in your tooth can cause untold miseries when left untreated can even send you searching for emergency dental care in the middle of the night to have it treated. Instead of leaving your teeth unprotected, wouldn’t it be beneficial if you requested the dentist near you for in office fluoride treatments? Learn more about why you must provide additional support to your teeth by receiving fluoride treatments in this article.

How Do Fluoride Treatments Help You?

If you are at a high risk of developing cavities or dental caries, general and cosmetic dentistry facilities in your vicinity recommend fluoride treatments as a method of battling holes. Cavities occur because you are allowing plaque to build upon your teeth using improper dental hygiene practices.

The plaque buildup on your teeth produces toxins to erode your teeth and gum tissue. When the enamel layer is broken down by plaque, bacteria can infect to harm the nerves and blood vessels at the tooth’s center. Fluoride treatments thankfully keep the battle against bacteria ongoing to ensure they don’t gain the upper hand.

Expectations During Fluoride Treatments

Suppose you decide to have fluoride treatments from Kennewick, WA family dental. In that case, you must initially provide the dentist at the facility with your entire health history to enable the professional to choose the right treatment for you.

Fluoride treatments provided by dentists are more robust and available as gel, foam, or varnish. The treatment only requires a few minutes as the dentist applies the fluoride to your teeth with a brush, swab, or tray.

Professional fluoride treatments provided by the dentist contain more fluoride than available in water or toothpaste. The procedure is accomplished in a few minutes but is likely to leave you with a dry mouth because you are prohibited from eating or drinking anything for the next 30 minutes. The restraint is to let your teeth absorb the fluoride.

Should You Fear Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride treatments are straightforward and unlikely to put the fear of hell in your mind. If you recollect your visit to the dentist near you for wisdom teeth removal near me, you may have suffered from fear and anxiety before undergoing the surgical process.

Thankfully fluoride treatments are mere dental fluoride applications on your teeth, requiring no anesthesia, x-rays, or after-care. You are free to go home or work soon after the dentist completes the treatment and begin eating or drinking anything you like.

Benefits Of Fluoride Treatments

The most significant benefit of getting fluoride treatments is restoring minerals to tooth surfaces where bacteria have eroded the enamel. Furthermore, fluoride inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria to prevent cavities.

Do not assume fluoride can remove decay because it can’t. Fluoride creates a more robust exterior surface for your teeth and helps stop tooth decay from penetrating the enamel or the deeper parts of the tooth.

Fluoride is beneficial both for children and adults. Children are affected by the chronic issue of dental caries, and the sooner they are exposed to fluoride treatments, the better for them to prevent cavities. Studies conducted reveal children and adolescents receiving fluoride treatments for a year were less likely to develop tooth decay and cavities.

The Cost of Fluoride Treatments

The cost of fluoride treatments for children shouldn’t bother you either if you have dental insurance covering you. As an adult, you must inquire with your dentist about the prices as you may have to pay $ 10-$ 30 or more for the treatment. However, this treatment prevents the need for expensive dental therapies if you have to deal with cavities needing extensive work. Under the circumstances, wouldn’t it be better for you to leave the battle against cavities to fluoride treatments provided by your dentist?

Of course, getting fluoride treatments doesn’t mean you can neglect dental hygiene because you must continue brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing at least once, and scheduling six-monthly visits with your dentist for exams and cleanings. Excellent dental hygiene practices coupled with fluoride treatments make it easier for you to win the battle against cavities.