How LipLase Treatment Works and It’s Benefits

How LipLase Treatment Works and It’s Benefits

Dec 01, 2020

There is a great interest among many adults today to get plump, fuller-looking lips, as youthfulness is associated with plump natural-looking lips. Many Hollywood actresses have also proven that good looking lips play a fundamental difference in facial aesthetics at any given time.

I feel that extra-thin lips are rather unattractive as compared to plump and fuller lips. What people are unaware of is that a slight loss of collagen is among thefew reasons lips can shrink.

At Family Dental Center, we will help you with your collagen loss problem and fix the aging process. Through the LipLase treatment, which is rather non-invasive, we use laser procedures to help you get fuller lips and maintain their volume, scrapping all your worries and lip concerns.

Quick Facts About Your Lips

  • All lips are unique in their own way through their specific patterns and wrinkles. This can even be used as evidence by forensics, just like with fingerprints.
  • Lips are among the most sensitive body parts. They consist of about 3 – 5 cellular layers containing millions of nerve endings.
  • Lips are a quick indicator that you are ill. They can turn red or blue and can become pale. Even in people with highly pigmented lips, the color change is still evident.
  • Lips don’t have sweat glands, so they can sweat. This way, they don’t have a mechanism to protect the delicate membranes and keep them hydrated. This is why lips are prone to becoming dry rather quickly.
  • They don’t have much melanin, so they are more susceptible to UV light.
  • Lipstick or SPF rich lip balm can help protect the lips and give you a smooth smile.
  • There are safe treatments for lips to make them look more plump and fuller.

What is LipLase Treatment?

Professionals define it as a non-surgical, non-invasive lip treatment that uses laser light. It works by adding more collagen volume and simulates more elasticin production, so your lips are enhanced and look fuller.

Liplase treatment can also define the shape of lips by enhancing their cupid’s bow. Unlike the dermal filler, which can give you “duck lips,” laser treatment delivers a more natural look every time.

How LipLase Works

Liplase is a dental treatment that uses laser energy and doesn’t involve any needles. The Kennewick dentist performs this procedure both on the inside and outside of the mouth. There are no bruises or side effects to be experienced, so do not worry.

Through laser rays, the deepest parts of the skin are realized and heated to stimulate more collagen production. More collagen means more lip volume, skin laxity, and an anti-aging effect. Together with elasticin, collagen is responsible for preventing saggy skin and maintaining its elasticity.

Collagen is a protein occurring naturally in the skin, and aging naturally causes the loss of this protein. Experts say that you lose 1% collagen every year after the age of 20. It reduces further in menopaused women.

By having more collagen in your system, you maintain a more youthful look, and lips are no exemption. Lips with enough collagen look smoother, fuller, tighter, and create a younger look on an aged face.

What to expect from a LipLase Treatment

A LipLase therapy session lasts for 20 -30 minutes at most. It’s non-surgical, and no anesthesia or numbing medications are used as the process is virtually painless with zero downtime recovery.

You might feel warmth on your lips after treatment due to the laser, but it goes away afterward. A little swelling is also possible, but not serious.

We recommend 3 – 4 LipLase therapy sessions for optimal results and continued collagen production.

Benefits of Liplase

If you seek a non-surgical lip treatment alternative to lip implants, you get these benefits with LipLase:

  • There are no incisions or injections involved
  • Results come almost immediately after the treatment
  • LipLase results are natural-looking as the skin is made to produce its collagen
  • There is no downtime required waiting for recovery or results
  • Results of treatment improve after each LipLase session

Does Treatment Affect Lip Sensation?

No. LipLase only stimulates collagen production naturally by your skin, so no side effects are experienced that could lead to loss of lip sensation. You can resume your normal daily routine immediately after treatment because no downtime is required.

The procedure is termed a safe and efficient dental treatment. It’s also the best alternative to dermal fillers and if you want to achieve more natural results without surgery.