5 Lesser Known Benefits of Dental Crowns

5 Lesser Known Benefits of Dental Crowns

Oct 01, 2020

With regular usage, the teeth are bound to lose their vitality, structure, and color. The introduction of cosmetic dentistry has changed dental treatment. Be it the chewing of food or dental trauma, your teeth’s normal size, shape, and function might deteriorate.

Going for tooth extraction, followed by dental implants, can be a costly and painful affair. Instead, you can opt for the non-invasive dental crowns that serve as a dental cap. When in place, the crowns encase your teeth’s visible part and lie above the gum line.

Based on your dental structure, the dentist might suggest a ceramic or porcelain crown. Apart from porcelain, dental caps can be made from varied materials as metal or composite resin.

Types of Dental Crown

Based on the material of make and utility, dental crowns can be classified into:

Porcelain or Ceramic Crown

Known for its stark resemblance to natural teeth, the porcelain crowns are more suitable for metal-allergic people and can be used for both front and back teeth.

Metal Crowns

Metal crowns include alloys with a high content of silver or gold. Metal crowns are tough and can withstand the biting. Mostly suitable for your grinding teeth and molars, the metal crowns are among the most durable crowns.

Composite Resin Crowns

The least expensive of the crowns, the composite resin crowns are easier to apply and provide better bonding with the teeth. Although they are more prone to fractures, you cannot ignore the aesthetic value.

Temporary and Permanent Crown

A temporary crown can be prepared in the dental clinic, while a permanent crown is to be manufactured in the laboratory. The temporary crown is made from acrylic material or steel and is replaced by the permanent crown once it is manufactured.

Benefits of Dental Crown

Dental crowns are part of cosmetic dentistry that focuses on your teeth’s aesthetic value and simultaneously supports it.

#1: Support to Chipped Tooth

A weak tooth might not be feasible to withstand the pressure of biting and talking. The only replacement is tooth extraction and going for alternative dental prosthesis. With a dental cap, the dentist can protect a chipped tooth from breaking down.

#2: Strengthening Weak Teeth

The crown can support an already broken tooth. The crown encases a tooth and provides its lost strength. Crowns also help to protect the weak tooth from further damage. Your dental structure might not be adequate to support a large dental filling. The dental crown can come to your rescue. The crown can conceal a dental implant or discolored tooth.

#3: Best Dental Prosthesis for Children

Crowns hold dental bridges in place and serve as a good dental prosthesis for pediatrics. Children’s dental structure might not support dental filling or implants. Dental crowns can perform the job perfectly.

The children might fail to maintain oral hygiene, and the risks of the cavity are high. Due to their tender age and behavioral frequency, general anesthesia might not be a good option. Dental crowns can be placed without any pain.

#4: The Aesthetic Value

How can you ignore the importance of a sparkling smile? Apart from boosting your self-esteem, a bright smile can be helpful to socialize. Even teeth whitening might fail to remove some tough dental stains. Getting a dental crown can cap the tooth and restore its lost color.

Based on your need and dental structure, crowns might be made from stain-resistant porcelain, and you can go for a smile makeover.

#5: Crowns Do Not Shift

Dental crowns are placed over the teeth permanently, and chances of shifting places are nil. Unlike other dental prostheses as bridges or dentures, the crowns are comfortable and do not move within your mouth.


Kennewick dentists are experienced in performing the dental crown treatment. The non-invasive treatment requires experience and adequate practice. You have the liberty to choose the material for your crown, and our dentists can guide you accordingly.

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